What doesn’t work, you ask?  And what am I talking about, you wonder?  I am talking about taking pictures and what doesn’t work and that is:  going outside on a very VERY windy day to sneak up on a flower to try out your macro setting on your new camera.  "Why not"? you may ask (but wouldn’t..like..who cares anyway) Well, the answer is: here I was, leaned waaaaay over with this much larger camera with its longer lens and trying to see the flower face in the view finder.  What did I see?  Long curtains of hair blowing!  Man, you swipe back the hair…tuck it behind your ear..very irritatedly too I might add after not learning a lesson about tying hair back on the billionth time I leaned over and had these massive curtains of long hair blowing across the camera’s lens and my eyes and my face and seems like the side of the house too!!!  GRrrr.  Oh well, I turned the camera off and came in the house..phone rang and so much for going back out there.
I am headed to pick up some groceries.  The oldest will be here.  His meatloaf is made..smells good in here too.  But I need a few other things and as I still don’t have a camera bag, the camera will come with me in a cloth shopping bag.  No more in the pocket book carrying.
We are, assuming it doesn’t snow in the mountains and it has every dang day, headed over the mountains to see middle son and his new home.  It will be wonderful but too short a visit.  Coming home Sunday afternoon.
Thank you so much for looking at and commenting on my new baby and his first work.  Training wheels are still on.  Any of you who are experienced with SLR’s are welcome to back seat drive. 
See you in a while  gotta leave.