I wrote yesterday that I am going over the mountains but I failed to say that I would leave next weekend on Friday.  However, and I mean this, I will take the good wishes for a safe trip with me then.  Oh and the camera and training wheels are coming too.  It will be me and the youngest son..he is the one with the D-300 Nikon.  So maybe in the rush (we won’t be there long..just till Sunday morning) he can show me something about focus.  Thank you all so much for the critiques and comments on my efforts these past 2 days. 
The meatloaf was sucessful as were the potatoes and corn.  He’s taking home the leftovers. That was supper last night and he had  maple cured bacon this morning and scrambled eggs.  I was going to make hash browns but I am too tired.  I went to bed at midnight..laid there till 0400.  I had too much caffeine during the day and man, did I ever pay the price. I got 4 hrs slep maybe.  Seriously.  Miss Catt was as always, relentless in the ‘get me up’ time this morning.  She was polite about it and after calling me verbally, she went to patting my face.  Her claws were tucked up tightly so she would not hurt me.  It is so charming a little thing (her and the soft pats) that you can’t really mind much when she does it.  I did get trapped right off after turning out the light though in that she gathered up my hand and wrist in hers, and laid her head on my forearm and went to sleep. I could not disturb her for a space of time..it was just too loving a thing she was doing.
Meanwhile we have a flood watch and yes, it’s raining again.  SIGH!  I guess some of you know about TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) and its fly ash spill innundating a huge amount of land in its surrounding area.  Of course clean up will be on the rate payers backs regardless it was not anything to do with us or our wrong doing.  Isn’t it always that way?
That was a Muscovy duck in my picture yesterday, bless his gentlemanly heart. 
Well, have to get ready for the day.  Here I am, faceless. 
 My back yard.  Looks better when you click on it beccause the blog colors are in it here,