It isn’t easy to change and then make a bed with a cat in it, you may take my word for it.  This time instead of letting her have her way and just leaving that for last hours later, I made her move.  "OH!  OH!  the stars just fell out of the SKY!  I had to MOVE!!!  I was picked up and MOVED" !!!!!!!!!!! 
She thought I was playing and made a play attack on my upper arm.  Just opened her mouth on it, she did not even warn me..just play.  But i wasn’t playing and needed her down.  So when I showed her that she got mad and ran full tilt away.  Turns out her pouting chamber is under the bed in another room.  Well!  I guess that showed ME!  Those cat lumps under the bottom sheet make it hard to finish the bed because even if you do continue making the bed with said lump, that lump will eventually want out.  There goes a pretty and well made bed. 
One of the blog family assumed from the book titles that was showing in yesterday’s picture that I might be a nature person.  Indeed I am as is evident in many of my blogs through the years.  Birds, animals, plants, flowers of all sorts, the skies, I am grateful and appreciative of them all.  Even gentleman Muscovy ducks with the extra helping of "homely" around the beak area.  He is so quiet and dignified that he reminds me of the butler types you read of in 1900’s era English novels.
This blog is a terror when it comes to coloration of pictures.  I’m not good at changing things though I try and so far, though I have "commanded" it to change, I can’t get rid of the transparency I put in when I DID want my clouds to show through.  I’ll keep messing with it,  I don’t like the colors or style I have now on the blog.  Almost wish I was back where I started.
It is still raining.  They said it was supposed to be sunny but this liquid that got all over me shows that it is indeed NOT sunny!  I am so over this incessant rain. We are way over for the month already.  So that means we are finally making a dent in the water table deficit we have. 
I may use the bookshelves again for a photo I hadn’t thought about the added bonus of reading the titles for amusement.  YOu’d like it here.  LOTS and lots and lots to read, trust me on that.
OK.  Been around to see some of you.  I’m coming back in a while.