I need to be in on the treadmill or outside, But first, while reading comments on yesterday’s picture (for day 12 )of Miss Catt, Steve mentioned something about the on board flash.  Ain’t it the truth?  There is the flash issue, and many others that make me shiver in delicious anticipation and horrified "too much money".
What I can see ahead of me IF I allow it is: "I need a lens for macros" and "I could use a few filters" (and worse still, if I ever get a handle on manual settings then the training wheels HAVE to come off and I HAVE to learn ISO and other things) so if I get, as I said, a handle on all that, I will think I can graduate to the next level up in cameras.  This is or can be an expensive hobby.  Ask anyone.  I look at my youngest’s acquisitions and shudder at the thought of ever becoming as good as he is and feeling the need to purchase what he has.  With the exception of something for macros, I am going to do my best to keep it to a very dull and low roar.  But it can work on ya.  At least I know I will not nor should I buy anything for it until I can handle my camera well.  Well, I DO need a tripod.  Sigh. 
I went outside to catch the remainder of the fog in the woods,  This time with the new camera.  Thing is, where I was, in my jammies and colder’n could be, and on the deck too…there was a very limited field to take a photo in/from.  So the camera wound up, not unexpectedly, focusing on the nearest tree.  The only good thing to come of it is…I know that now.  Before I didn’t.  Still the same mistake, but at least I knew it.  The flash problem for inside night photos though..another story.  Steve mentioned that and in order not to make that so obvious will require another method.  One I am not ready for.  Yet.  But give me time..I’ll bust out some good ones eventually.
I have started my rounds.  More to follow.  Rejoice in the day..it was made just for you.
A toy cat on my dresser.  About 6 inches in length. Taken with the dreaded flash last night.