Guys, now that they have changed Spaces as we know it, whenever I upload a picture, two of that picture appear in the Photos part of the blog.  To re-state this, I click on Photos and low and behold, there are two of each ONE photograph I uploaded to the blog.  I found that if I delete one of the  two, then the picture disappears from my blog even though I only deleted one of the two.  Does anyone know the "cure" for this?

Additionally, each time I upload a photo, not only are there two deposited there in the Photos section for every one I upload BUT it creates an album as well, unasked for by me… so that I now have like 19 albums where I used to have 6 and could just add or delete from them.  I tried "creating an file" a few days ago, and put some 6 photos in it but what a PAIN! It’s a pain because I have to choose them out from all the 2 picture "albums" Spaces made for me. The bottom line is, how can I get rid of two each pictures up there in the Photos section?  Anyone?  Remember…when I deleted one, the picture disappeared from my blog. 

Thank you so very very much for the birthday good wishes.  He read them and was appreciative.  He doesn’t have an MSN Passport or he would have made a comment himself like "MOM!  Quit embarrassing me!"

It is official that the Nikon now has two names.  He and I haven’t chosen his name from them yet.  I noticed yesterday while hauling myself out of the vehicle to take the photo at the No. Ridge Trail that I stood there and thought, "Well, I’d better take His Majesty if I want to take a picture"! But then Toodie called him Sir Winston.  I like them both.  Haven’t chosen yet. 

I remember doing a blog a couple of years ago about my propensity to name inanimate objects.  Not all of them..but usually whatever vehicle I have (this time it’s a girl and called Miyuki, the vacuum IF it has a personality, the one I have presently is evil and has no name, and the computer, certainly.  Two of the trees in the yard share the honor.  That’s about it.  Oh and now the camera although that has never happened.

You know I am stalling, don’t you?  The treadmill awaits and I am sitting here doing this.  I am dressed for it and all that needs doing is doing it.  I have brought in the papers, did the meager breakfast dishes, swept the kitchen, made the bed (with the cat on it) taken out the trash and brought back the recycle bin.  Did this blog.,.face it..treadmill time. Sigh.  Come on..I’ll race ya!