This afternoon I will be leaving for over the mountains and through the woods to second son’s house we go.  It’ll be me and my youngest this time.  There will be a belated birthday present from each of us in it for him.  I can hardly put anything in the car ahead of time except the extra quilt and my own pillow. Anything else will freeze. It is 4 here where I am with a windchill of -0.  I am all too aware that is a heatwave against what so many of the blog family are facing every day.  We have this and one more of bitter cold, then it will moderate to the normal 20’s.  The heat unit is going to town out there!  I will be so glad when my new windows arrive and they get them installed.  There is a right nippy breeze always cruising thru the house.  With those, the breeze should lessen (I got the argon ones..costs more but may as well) and the noise should be less too from outside.
Miss Catt doesn’t know yet that I am leaving.  She will  realise though, somewhere about the time I take the huge can’t-say-what-they-ares out to the vehicle.  I can’t say because the son they are intended for may see this. Right now she is sacked out on my bed (the fleece blanket is welcoming to her little self) and not thinking ahead. (we should do the a lot of useless needless worry that way).
I have all of her things out for my good friend who will feed and look in on her while I am gone.  Our main concern is the almost 0 temps coming for the weekend.  The pipes have never had a problem since I have had the house.  Must be all the warm air leaking down under the house from up here!!!  I hope I am kidding.  But in any case, we have had 18 below zero, and most Winters have the temps we are having now, and so far, so good.  It’s one of those things where you sort of don’t like leaving in case something happens but nothing will happen so you may as well go on.  Hope there will be no snow in the mountains on the way home.  We are supposed to get some here Sunday evening.  I should be home before then.
I will look in on you guys while I am gone.  Take good care of yourselves..stay safe and remember Miss Catt gets installed in her Office soon!  .  Fancy Feast in every pot, she always says.