I’m a tiny little electron and I’ve been trapped inside the computer for nigh onto 6 years now. I cannot get out. Every time I try something keeps pulling me back in. I think it’s a conspiracy. Or at the very least an aggravated kidnapping. Please do what you can to free me and all other enslaved electrons out there. Only together can we make a difference.

Oh no, I’ve been spotted! i have to leave! goodbye………………………………………….asdaskfjsd ffdgdfg/dfsg d/fsgsgfdgf

Ah.  This explains what happens when I am not at the keyboard and why Spaces is messed up.

I am here in Charlotte and I wanted to look in on you.  The day is beautiful and we headed out for breakfast/lunch.  Then to Garden Ridge, one of my most favorite places where I found nothing to buy.  Horrors.  Then to a great place where there is beautiful furniture (son has a new house,so he is looking) Then to Trader Joe’s.  Home and we will go out to eat tonight although he had a good supper waiting for us when we got here later last night.  We used my GPS to see if it would get us here in good order.  Did a great job!!!  He grilled chicken for one thing.  It was well seasoned.

I slept in my own room this time as his home is much larger than his first.  That was a treat.  I have only taken pics of the house so far.  We haven’t been anywhere picture worthy. 

My youngest son was scandalized and said I do not have a male camera..and that is is definitely a female,  So far he has suggested Victoria or Peserphone.  Middle son said "no".  So we are on a hunt for a girl’s name. 

My grandson is holed up in his room talking to a girl!  That is so funny!  Next thing you know he will be sprouting whiskers.

Miss you, come on by and wait for me.  Be right back.