I am back and Miss Catt said "where in the WORLD have you BEEN" ???!!!  I have been petting, talking, combing, brushing, playing with and paying attention to the little critter.  She was awfully glad to see me although her sitter is most kind and very much a knowledgeable about cats person herself, as she has several.  I return the favor when she and her husband call on me to do so.
After being fed her supper and having been given her sup of milk (I meant sup, not sip) and playing with the peacock feather she hurled herself onto the bed..in whose place but mine, and crammed into my pillow.  There be a heap o’ cat right there in my place. Tonight, believe me, she will be super glued to my shoulder and face. 
You may notice the University of Tennessee things in front of my boys home.  The driveway markers are reflective orange T’s..the mats are black with the ‘power T’ in the middle, orange and there is a U.T. garden type flag fluttering at the front entrance.  I found it fun and endearing that there is so much of U.T, at a home in N.C. 
We all of us had a good time.  Just not enough time as everyone had to return to work..no..not that one son  as where he works observes the holiday, but the other two do have to work. Some jobs are essential and you have to carry on regardless.  I had to do that for a long looooong time myself.
I posted that picture as my contribution to the 365 because that’s all I have.
We went out as I mentioned yesterday to several of my favorite stores.  I hardly spent anything.  Maybe 15 dollars total.  Just nothing jumped up and said "you have to buy me".  Just a few very small things.  Made it a lot easier unpacking the car.
There were snow flurries over the mountains.  We can handle that.
I truly missed all of you.  I am glad to be back and I have been fleet of foot running around looking in on you.