Still been on a quest to find imported cherry tea (not the horrible syrupy stuff made by a certain company that is easily found in supermarkets).  It is the Russian tea I have been looking for since the Russian store quit carrying that and had strawberry instead.  I am not fond of any form of strawberry but natural ones.  that’s it.  So I have been on a years’ quest to no avail.  You guys tried to help.  One of my sons found a Russian tea in that same store but this time it is loose tea.  That necessitated buying a real honest to goodness tea pot.  Worth it if the tea is good.  Everything is in Russian on the tin it comes in.  I have never made real tea as I persist on calling I had to google instructions.  I have a cup at my elbow.  You have a sip too and tell me what you think.  I say it isn’t the same.  But it’s OK and I will finish off the very expensive tin full of loose tea. More black tea (which it is) taste rather than the natural cherry.
The snow has given us about an inch.  These are really snow showers.  But they gave us the pleasure of seeing snow sticking to the ground.  We have been badly off schedule, so to speak, regarding our snow.  We have always had is natural to this area and State but..we haven’t had any snow to speak of since a decade has passed.
Someone woke me at 4 and then 5.  Sigh.  I had a 30 min. nap this afternoon because I was still short on sleep from the trip.  I went to bed at her great urging..and when I was assembled into the bed in my starting out position on my hands up toward my head, she placed her two front paws and one hind foot in my palm and added her head atop that delicate pile of fur and claws and went soundly to sleep.  So in essence I had a hand full of cat and she was saying "you ain’t going nowhere !"
All the pictures are viewed thru the pale blue of my blog background.  I guess those who said just give it up and use flicker or the like are right and if I want clearness and clarity for some of them, that is what I have to do.  They DO look OK up there in the albums that are formed every time I post a picture but they just don’t look as crisp thru this pale blue blog background. 
It was so beastly cold in Charlotte that I didn’t take anything other than house photos, so next time I go, I will take some good ones of other things.  If I still had a camera as convenient as the point and shoot, maybe I would have found something but with this one, the camera is bigger and needs some of my attention first  so that takes away from my spontaneous picture taking just now until I adjust to it.
This must be blog family appreciation day here in my house for I am grateful and appreciative of each and every one of you.  I enjoy my visits to you and I enjoy your visits to me as well.  I feel as though I know you all personally. 
Till tomorrow…