After being elected President of the United States and Canada as well, Miss Catt is prepared to take on the very real challenges of her elected office today. 

Miss Catt rose early (and many times) to prepare for the ceremony.  She will assume the Office with clean paws and coat.  After breakfasting rather hurriedly, her peeps whisked her away to D.C. and now we all of us await the swearing-in.  (No, not the swearing that happened when her peeps were bitten and scratched for handling her too roughly according to her measures, while whisking her away to her transportation vehicle).

It remains to be seen how soon the Fancy Feast for every paper plate on the floor in America and Canada happens along with the pledge of fresh water each day, but the Press feels that she will act upon that most important promise first.  It is my understanding however, for finicky humans and felines that the choice of flavor must be hers.  That is likely to be Chicken Hearts and Liver feast.  Party time is just around the corner.


Hours Later:

And now…the President of North America, ladies and Gentlemen!!!




(courtesy of Paul @ the Pics Place)

Emmit, who graciously lives with Danielle, will be Miss Catt’s always consort for this and other occasions.