Yesterday the guys got here and unloaded the huge double window and stood it up against the side of the house.  I knew that a few windows were to be installed, not all of them because one of the installers would have to be with his wife in the hospital.  They installed a total of one window however, that being the one you saw in the spare bedroom.  That took an hour! Then, they left.  Took off like big birds! It was half an hour or so later I noticed that big window still there.  Now talk about an invitation to do mischief.  It faced the street in full view.  Someone could break it or with help, take it.  I called the company doing the windows and said I was concerned that the window was not even covered considering the place it was in, fully visible to anyone driving up and down the street never mind how it would look when they finally got back here on MONDAY! (that torqued my jaw; why start at all if you’re not going to do the job and so much time elapses?)

Anyway, I am posting a "before" picture of what the windows presently look like.  Bad.  They are aluminum frame, original with the house which was built in the 50’s.  They seem almost paper-thin which is silly as they are glass, but I think you know what I mean.  There are gaps and drafts no matter how we have thru the years tried to caulk and so on.  The screens have years and years and years of brown paint glops on them..(roll up screens that do not come off.  They are attached) (no one ever rolled them up apparently)

So..another week at least probably to get any others installed as Monday, it will likely rain.  Next best day according to the weather forecast will be Wednesday.  Sigh.  If things didn’t go wrong, they wouldn’t go at all sometimes.

My phone (digital— Comcast—bundled with my ISP) is cutting in and out for seconds at a time.  I have an appointment for the technician to come over today.  That messes up my day but I have to get the phone working.  People have thought I hung up on them until I called them back on my cell phone.

I think I may be a little grouchy.  That isn’t like me, so I will quit while I’m ahead. or at least before it gets worse.

This is the old window.