The window is still standing and as far as I know, unharmed.  However, there will be rain sometime today and certainly tomorrow.  Hope there isn’t mud splattered on it. In answer to the question posed yesterday as to what were they thinking?  They were thinking how to get out of here the fastest possible.  There were still almost 3 hours left in a work day. They just didn’t want to deal with it.  One of the managers came and put some sort of covering on it in his answer to my call asking what to do about a vulnerable window on the street side. That will not be the company that does my roof.  It was going to be but not now.
I am having an absolutely stunningly good hair day though!  It’s long, and when the waves tumble down so well..that’s a good day.  All I do is twist it up into a knot on top of my head at night when I go to bed,  It comes down perfectly waved in the morning. I found that out by accident when I twisted it up one night because I can’t stand getting my hair caught under me when I turn over.   She has layered it the past year so that the red shows from underneath the blonde highlights. Like a sunset. The boys want just the red, not the blonde.  Not their favorite look but they live in their homes and I live in mine. (Frankly they are right.  I went too far with the highlight thingy)
I may as well get on out the door and take the camera with me even though it is a cloudy day.  I feel disappointed because when I got up and raised the blind and then saw the sun rising over the mountains and woods..I thought we were going to have a sunny day.  Didn’t happen. But at least the sun rose, I’m alive and it’s all good.
OK. Penney’s is having a buy one get one free.  It’s getting more and more alarming every day seeing all of the evidence of collapse of corporations you thought would always be here.  Thank you, greed mongers in Wall Street and Banks.  I wish they were prosecutable civilly.
Lest I lapse into grumpiness..I am going to go out and be a diva.
 That tea I spoke of and I can see I seriously need to do something about dry skin around my thumb nail!  Good grief!!