One of the blog family mentioned the trouble she and her mother are going through trying to get a claim filed and worked on.  The insurance company does not seem to be interested in helping; rather to say they seem interested in prolonging the process.  That reminded me of the time when my Camaro Z28 was killed. 
Me and Zack, (the now "Elder Statesman" since he was involved in an accident that ultimately did him, the car, in)..and one of my sons were on our way back from Knoxville when some doofus ran a red light and my Z28  T boned a Ford Windstar.
The person at fault’s Windstar was decimated. No joke.  Fender off, door gone, all the glass out, tire and wheel wells destroyed and more.  It was easy to see his vehicle was totaled.  Mine however looked fine except for the left headlight assembly seemed a little askew and Zack the Z may have needed an adjustment on the grill…perhaps akin to new dentures.  Ultimately, he drove us home in fine fettle.  When the estimates were made and the adjusters saw it they shocked me by saying he was totaled.  That was heartbreaking as he was so beautiful, so taken care of..few miles for his age and so on.  Frame problems as it was explained to me.
Moving on to my point though.  I would love to name the insurance company that the other driver’s company had. However I don’t think I should in so public a place. They assigned a person who was frequently drunk and at parties when he called.  The person was very boorish too I might add.  There were medical bills for me and my son, me being off work for several weeks trying to get through the very real whiplash (I will never laugh at those jokes again..whiplash is frightening and painful.  I thought I was going to be paralyzed matter of fact it was so severe). 
That agent, though I complained to their agency, was so inept and so disgusting with the drunken calls to me at night and in the afternoon that my son (the one in Charlotte) ultimately got me some sort of money.
Bottom line is, the insurance company as all of you know is not your friend and they don’t care that you are ill, injured or suffering in any form or fashion.  You are on your own. 
That left me with being forced to give up a beautiful classic car, and the expense of a new car.  I lost on all counts.  Lawyers were not interested in the case as the amount to be recovered was not sufficient, though I did call several after getting the drunken runaround.
No transition here…so I will say____________
Have a great weekend all of you.