I don’t think I will forget this time that I would be better served simply ignoring magazine’s advice regarding the neutral look (in color) in fashion & make up advice.

I was swayed by Revlon’s newest ads..they were showcasing the new matte look in neutral colored makeup.  I went ahead and bought the matte neutral shade lipstick.  I thought it looked strangely familiar and when I got home, I compared it to my concealer and voila!  Same ugly color.  I put it on anyway, fruitlessly hoping for something different.  With the cocoa brown and somewhat deeper brown eye shadows, my light hair, my entire face went away on vacation it seemed.  I felt like I left the house with my face still here on the table, it was so colorless and, well, neutral.  With my white plate-looking complexion coloration, I do far better with rose lipstick and gray shadows.  Makeup lesson over.

I have more or less decided on a plan of no action or action, however one chooses to looks at it. I have close to 90 people in my network.  I hear from some of them at least once a week..some every day. Many of them, never or maybe once a month or so if. 

Since Spaces changed everything, going to see people who have not been to see you is time consuming in that you have to click to go to your own network for their names and spaces location. I choose not to have every one of them in My Favorites.  (The list is already too long and I don’t want to add close to 90 more).  Back to my point though. Then you have to click till you find whomever you were thinking of looking up to go and visit.  Then you have to click on their name or profile,  Then you have to click yet again on their Space, then..you can finally read their blog.  Of course you have to click the 5th time to leave a comment.  Do that a number of times trying to visit most everyone at least once in a week regardless if they have been to see me has become, due to the changes in Spaces, far FAR and away too time consuming.  I have logged hours in here trying to visit everyone at least once, of the entire close to 90.

I think I will do what some others seem to do.  I will go see who comes to see me.  I am spending far too much time trying to visit 90 people frequently who are doing what I need to be doing..quit "running around" trying to get to everyone frequently.  That is my "DUH"! moment.
If someone is perhaps thinking,  "MY friends are worth it"  I will say that mine are too.  That’s why folks see me as often as they do.  But close to 90 times everyday, I think I will have to cut back on each person in the network and go see who drops by my house instead, especially as the weather improves.

I hope you have a great day today and make the most of it.  I am about to get started on  doing that myself.  Someone else decided to just do her job and do it well.  I will show you what hard work is in the picture I am putting in.  Follow this model and you’ll succeed too.