I got up early.  Here is a picture of the sky yesterday to inspire me.  Woke the cat for once instead of the other way around so as to be up, dressed, breakfasted (both of us) straightened up in here, and move the car across the street all in the hopes that the men will show up to install at least one window for pity sakes.  A little misting-type shower happened early..about 0630 so who knows, they may use that as an excuse.  I will wait till 0930 and then call to see what the schedule might be.  The rest of the week is rain so if they don;’t do something today I will have to wait an additional week as Friday I will not be available to let them in.  Friday is the next sunny day forecasted.

Meanwhile thank you so much for the critique on the picture yesterday.  As I said, all back seat drivers are welcomed.  I wish I had a filter for the sky and water.  It was overcast somewhat but with a filter I could have done better.  I also need to get Photoshop.  I have Paint.Net and while I am grateful for a free program, that is something I am beginning to outgrow. I must save my money and buy it or get a loan from the Madam President here perhaps.  She may make a bargain with me..stop flashing that camera from flashing at her all of the time (she thinks) and let her take her power naps undisturbed, in return for a loan.  She always drives a hard bargain.  I may do better to deal with Simba, her Treasurer.  She and the First Escort, Emmit, are scheduled for a dinner meeting with the FRC and a night on the town.   

You know what though?  I can’t do videos any more with the present camera.  When you leave the point and shoot, you’re on your own in that regard until and if you get up to the really whoopty doo ones. $$$$.  I gave my P&S to my middle boy as his is old and refuses to focus.  Down the road I might buy a little point and shoot just to take videos with,  It’s a very handy feature as you know. 

Well, about time for me to make that phone call.  .  Where’s my hickory stick?  I think I’m going to need it.

PS  They are here.  Looks like just 2 windows though.  I haven’t talked to them yet.