The windows were completely finished yesterday on the inside.  However the outsides look bad as the trim work and so on has yet to be done.  They were here from 9-5 yesterday.  They did a good job and cleaned up extremely well after themselves including vacuuming where all the dirt and dust came in from ripping out 60 yr. old screens and breaking of glass.  Their personalities were great and turned out we know some of the same people.  As soon as it quits raining toward the end of this week, they will be back to do the trim work outside.

I will say that when I woke this morning, I looked at the alarm clock’s temperature and it was a full 3 degrees warmer in my room. The wind wasn’t blowing last night so I imagine that when it is  blowing again, that is when I will feel a significant difference… as with the old windows, the breeze just swept (seemed like it anyway) through the house.  It was cold, and that is no exaggeration.

Her Heineyness allowed me to sleep almost till 0800.  That is a benchmark first!  I didn’t even feel her jump onto the bed.  I did feel a little "hand" patting my face though.  It’s a gentle way to wake. I needed the little bit extra sleep because for two nights I got to sleep late and had to get up early.  I even woke her yesterday.  Had to prepare for the guys coming over and get the car out of the driveway.

Here is the one thing I don’t care for and haven’t had the time to get used to yet.  That is, due to the design of the framing around the interior of the windows, my field of vision out of them is significantly smaller.  The frames take close to 4 inches away all the way around. That was shocking.  They also took up some of my sill which means I can no longer put anything more that 4 inches wide on the 6 inch (used to be) sills or nothing at all on the standard sills.  That’s sad as Miss Catt likes to lay on the wide sills (I had that done for her) to watch her "TV" out of the windows where her "shows" are the wildlife out there. Oh well..a tradeoff made for a warmer home.  These windows are argon filled and guaranteed against clouding.

She has done the unthinkable and threw up on my bed.  A small one but still…I have to wash the blanket which is my favorite (hers too) raspberry colored thick fleece. Then, she threw herself onto the foot rest of the recliner and rogered out completely..feet flying every direction..Z’s floating in the air.

I am having a cup of that new tea that has to be brewed. Close in taste but not quite. OH for a real teapot though as long as I have to brew tea now.  I can’t find one so I have to do it in a special brew -one- cup, cup. Better than nothing but at $14.98, they ripped me off on the price of that.

I swear I miss having the fuller view I used to have, I will just keep saying, "view or more warmth?"

I have to look around and find something to take a picture of.  I wish I could go out without the rain pelting down. Not good for the camera so it will be something here. 

I’ve been around to almost everyone who has been to see me.  I have spent less time in here.  That was the idea.  .  Looked like I was the only one who didn’t get the idea yet, judging from what everyone who visited that day, said.

Hope it’s been a good day so far.