I’m complaining. For weeks now it has rained with just a day or so without rain in between.  Of course somewhere in the Summer we will want this rain.  But right now, enough already!  I got up early and saw a lovely red sunrise over the mountain out back.  I ran for the camera, went outside in my scanties (remember, I have a 6 foot privacy fence street side on the deck) and started taking pictures of the sun..an old friend we haven’t seen in whenever!  In my hurry I gave no consideration to how that would turn out.  I had the camera set on auto.  So, the flash went off.  Outside I figured, what the heck, but it lit the trees and to compound my error, because it was on auto the camera while looking for something to focus on, focused on the nearest tree trunk.  SIGH.  Oh, the comedy of error goes on for a total of four pictures.  Guess what?  the flash still went off (what a dummy!) and..ta-dah!  the tree was still what was focused on.  I must have thought that the tree would move and the camera would just re-set itself to manual and that it would magically set itself correctly for the exposure I was trying to get?  Curses!  That didn’t happen!  I think that perhaps I should have done that FIRST!  My excuse is that I had just gotten up..opened that one blind and immediately ran for the camera and I did all this before I woke up or became more conscious I should say.  I didn’t even turn on the coffee first.  Straight outside to take a bunch of bad photos.

After coffee and looking at my parade of terrible pictures, I went to make the bed.  Someone was occupied in the kitchen with her sup of skim milk.  The coast was clear to make the bed without an ample cat body in it.  Then, she came to the doorway and watched.  When I had turned down the counterpane, faster than a speeding bullet she got on the bed and slid under the sheet and blanket..completely covered.  I only had my back turned a second..to get the bed spread.  Hours later, she is out finally.

The rain is so hard and the wind is so strong I have stayed in so far today but I don’t think I can stand it much more.  I put in a hair glaze though, and I hate to mess that up with mean ol’ windy rain.  I’ll have to put my hood up when I venture out.  Every one of my friends is used to my concern for my hair and makes fun of me till I am laughing and hard enough to almost hurt myself.  I love it. 

Hope it’s a good day for you.  Feed the birds and squirrels and be glad.