Several wanted to see one or more of the bad pictures I took out there in my skivvies yesterday morning for the 5 seconds the sun was out before the rain started.  I decided to post one and also explain that the word glaze in regard to my hair.

The glaze or gloss is a John Freida product, and in my case I chose a colorless one that simply added gloss to my hair.  One adds it to dry hair, leaves it on for 20 minutes, washes and conditions as usual. Then, you take your glorious hair out and knock ’em dead with it’s gorgeousness.  Unfortunately for me, no one did my bidding so it’s back to the drawing board. 

First, one of THE bad pictures.  Sigh.  Note the flash and the focus.  Oh well.

Then, one of a troublesome lump that constantly forms, like it or not. Within seconds of turning down the sheet and blanket on one side she insinuated herself into the whole thing. I just turned away to get the bedspread. Sigh.

Today there is a strange sight out there.  I think they call it a sun.  There is supposed to be flurries at least tomorrow so the proverbial make hay while the sun shines comes to mind.  I am going to go to the arboretum and I wish I could stuff you all in he car too…if you wanted to go.  We can always stop for coffee first and afterward have lunch.  How about Ruby Tuesday’s?

We’ll pass by here and say hi to him, the ducks, mallards, geese and whomever else is hanging.  Last one to the car is a rotten egg. Phew.  That better be sulphur from the rotten egg!