I had to  do it.  I saw those curly whiskers gleaming in that tiny patch of early morning sunlight shining in on her majesty at the foot of the bed.  She had just come from thoroughly messing up the top of the bed where I had just made it.


She kept turning her head so I didn’t get her whole face. I know that the background is bad, and I didn’t crop or do anything but here she is.  I think this is the second time only that I have used her for the 365 project.  Amazing restraint on my part I do say!

  As always, click on it for clarity and the correct color.  I have no idea why it is so washed out on the blog page itself.  When I say washed out, if you click on it and see the difference you’ll understand why I say that each time.  There IS a dofference in appearance.