That’s me- definitely not ready for prime time.  I am about the most disheveled I have been at this hour of the day.  Very late start but then, the beginning is always a different time for everyone.  There.  Sage words from a disheveled woman at this hour of the day.  Leave your dime on the counter..and I will come up with more offerings. (not)
The Goldfinch girl yesterday was a lucky shot.  The spare bedroom window was opened and I used the house as a blind.  She didn’t see me or if she did, she felt safe enough as I was patently not able to leap out there (she knows me!) and eat her up..delicious as I know she has to be.  She is so tiny, the meat on her little self wouldn’t fill a dinner sized spoon
I was extremely fortunate yesterday as my youngest was here to help me learn about aperture and exposure and so he had his lens with him to put on MY camera.  His is in the Nikon hospital for another week.  So, he brought his lenses here.  Now that was his lens that was used for that picture which is why it looked that good.  Today and from now on, it will be MY lens, so we can make a comparison.  I’m afraid the difference between a D40 and a D300  is pretty vast.  We did however, determine though that my camera is female, not male as I had thought. We determined it is a female because when she was put next to my son’s D300, she’s diminutive..hence her name is Victoria.  So, Victoria was wearing a grown  up lens yesterday.  Today she is wearing her regular one but you know this started a hunger in me to buy another lens.  SIGH. I will be camera poor before you know it.
The windows I mentioned are in, sealed up, done up to the 9’s on the outside and I am most pleased.  But man oh man…what a lot of money.
I haven’t had an opportunity to do any picture taking.  I am still not dressed and etc.  It is a sunny day and I need to get ready to go out and enjoy it. 
I have started my rounds to see ya.
 Nope..those are his lenses and I only got to enjoy them for those few hours.  They went home with him and Victoria has her own lens.