And the song continues…"Twenty four little hours".  Well, what a difference a day makes here  where I am weather-wise.  It got to 61 degrees with full sun all day long yesterday. Today, it is snowing to beat the band.  But there will be no real accumulation right here in this area I don’t feel, over an inch or so. 
I loved the comments yesterday about Victoria.  She is trying her best to be a diva camera.  As I am unable to keep her in the manner to which she would like to become accustomed..that is the fine dress she got to wear Saturday when she tried on my son’s won’t be seeing those from me for quite a while if ever.  Even a macro lens, used would set me back, what was it?  About 5 or so hundred dollars.  The ones she tried on Saturday are my son’s pro lenses.  No spare thousands to spare for camera and lenses.  So Victoria will have to have aspirations as the rest of us do, and work toward earning more.  When I  bought my D-40, she came with her own lens.  But it’s more an all purpose one to start with.  From that model on upwards, you buy your lens(es) separate from the camera body.  Some folks, if not most, don’t cotton to that– so there are as many cameras as there are feelings and opinions.  It is what is is for whoever is looking for one.  Me, I am sticking with what I know.  Again, I loved that sense of humor you all had yesterday about my newest family member, aka Victoria.
I got a cyber certainly was  an honor to me, last night in the small hours.  I belong to a wonderful game called Simtropolis.  It is a huge thing and you’d never find me but here is a link incase soneone wants to join and play creating their own Sim City.  I don’t have what is called a City Journal as I am not apparently willing to learn all that goes into forming those things and that’s a lot.  But, I am always on the side lines cheering others on.  The Site just had their annual awards called Trixies.  And I got one.  "CJ Cyber Mom".  Because it seems that I am becoming known fore cheering folks on and trying to help in any way I can behind the scenes by chat or PM.  I was honored.  This is a Sim City 4 thing by the way. 
It is still snowing after 3 hours but not as fast and the flakes are smaller.  I have to wait around for Comcast Tech to come out here again as my digital phone service is still cutting out on me every minute or so.  They were here last week..problem turns out not to be solved.
I have been trudging around to see you.   carrying my cuppa cawfee.