The title only has to do with the link I will insert farther on if you would like to visit it.  Anyone who has ever watched Star Trek..any edition of it (not Star Wars..I mean Star Trek, there is a difference) will recognize teleportation as a mode of travel.  One steps onto the transporter pad and via the transporter beam, one is disassembled into atoms and reassembled again at the point of destination.   All in the wink of an eye.  It would seem that the idea is never far from imagination as is the desire to work on such a thing.  Naturally, those who remember a movie called "The Fly" will remember how things could theoretically go very wrong in the transporter if a foreign piece of matter or organic material was also in there the same time you were transported.  Here is an article that one of the boys sent me if you would be interested in it.  The link I provided for The Fly, for those who don’t know about the movie, will see it is a Wiki article and not too complete but it gives a decent idea of what I am speaking of.

As a parent, have you had the rather disconcerting pleasure of hearing your words come back to you?  Words of advice you gave when your children were teens and were beginning to experience the various personalities of people in general and as they enter the workforce or school, people they must deal with on a day in-day out basis?  These experiences are hard on most young people as they enter the work place and it never really gets that much easier through time. Many times, it becomes a question of a personal adjustment in thinking and dealing with difficult people.  When you are in the workplace, throughout your lives you will meet some dragons.  This also applies to any part of our walk in life.  

The words I used to my sons individually as the topic became salient were those that I learned myself the hard way, through experience.  Simple words: "There is always going to be someone who doesn’t like you.  It will not matter how good you are to them, it will not matter what you do for and with them.  What you stand for will not make a difference in these people who do not like you.  Sometimes those very things are why they don’t like you.  You have to grit your teeth and not compromise yourself." 

I did say those words.  As I mentioned, they applied to my own hard won experience through time as in my relationships at work, at school even as an adult at college and even casual meetings. Stuff happens.  Occasionally people can and do take an instant dislike and unreasoning dislike to another. Sometimes jealousies real or perceived are a factor.   Many times there is no reason for this dislike, but it’s there.  If people are forced, as in a work place, or under some other experience to be together on a daily basis and they don’t like what you are or stand for, the carping or sniping is something that hurts the inner you.  However, experience and self knowledge can allow you to rise above that dislike most times. 

Anyway, I wrote this because I heard my words coming back to me  very recently when I was whining about an experience happening that I could not fathom why it was happening.  That son said…"As you once said to me.."There is always going to be someone who doesn’t like you….." and so on.  Gratifying that what I said was meaningful and gratifying that it helped me in remembering that simple every day fact.  You can’t please everyone nor should you try to.  Ever.