I thought I would mention to those who wondered that the golden citrine rough is about 8 inches in length and for Steve, the geode it was in is on the back, so it isn’t translucent in that way.  You can do that more often with quartz crystals as they are often found "undressed" meaning no rock stuck to them.  I will have to show you my clear quartz.  I love quartz and the beautiful geometric shapes it grows in. One of my favorite quartz stones is smoky quartz, and I can only find it jewelry grade.  I want the rough,  Another favorite is the varying hues of rose quartz.  Someone else asked if these are insured..Miss Beth I think asked me that, and no, they aren’t . And someone else asked where they are displayed or if they are displayed in my home.  They are in a large china cabinet of all things and always on display.  I have no more room really as some of the fossils are also in there and a few other pretties that really shouldn’t be there but the old story is…no where else to put them.
I have a lunch today.  It is colder than something or other out there but the sun is shining regardless that we are to have snow showers all day long.  I’m glad I’m not going over the mountains.  Many many much of snow there.  (used one of the boys’ expressions they used when they were very small and just starting talking. "A lot" became "many many much". 
I just went in there to take this:
 That’s not all of them but you can see how they are, some of them, in the cabinet.