Well, I guess no one was much interested in the poem I posted and that’s OK.  I’ll make it "go away" with this blog.  The poem is about parents in that time  that always comes. Their child leaves home and becomes his or her own self.  It’s what you rear them to do but oh! how it hurts when they do.  The good kind of hurt if you will.  The proud kind of hurt where you see yourself that they have grown into young men or women and they are eager to leave and prove themselves.  After all, isn’t that what the whole idea was about from the beginning?  To hold them up until they could fly away?  The poem exhorts you to "hold onto Summer", your boys or girls because September, i,e, adulthood is imminent and then, they will be gone.  When they return, they will never be the same.  Nor should they be.  But the important part was make sure they know you love them.  Then, open your hands and arms and let go. 
I had a guest for supper tonight.  They got here very early and we have had the best of times.  It was "Come and cook your own durned dinner" night turned out.  So, all I did was get some peas into the pan, set the table, and hector.
That was fun and the lunch was too yesterday.  We found ourselves in a few stores afterward.  I didn’t expect that as we went our own ways when leaving the restaurant.  That was fun too.
Other than that, which was a lot and fun, nothing else to talk about…not that that has stopped me in the past. 
Except my back itches…I have an allergic reaction to metal. Unfortunately that’s just too bad as I must endure little metal hooks.   So with the TMI, I leave you with the promise of no more poetry tomorrow.