And something I forgot to mention yesterday with my "treatise" on undergarments..that being  the beefed up strap (which, lamentably STILL adjusts in the back)
Just because you are farther up in the alphabet in size (wink wink nod nod) does not mean you are Gargantua on two legs for pete sake.  There is no need to have straps one and a half inches wide, thick with padding and curved slightly inward so that is is sure to show  outside of the neckline of your delicate more feminine tops (which I wear a lot of when it’s not the dead of Winter). Straps won’t dig we ladies who are generously proportioned if the bra is made well.  Sometimes it pays to spend more and get something well made that will do the job without having to be hauled up by strapping. 
 That is true by the way.  I didn’t make it up that well made bras support without having to be nailed onto your shoulder. One that is well made (and yes, it costs more) will stay in place despite the straps not being in place on your shoulder when you first try it on in the fitting room.  Your situation is helped  of course when they are up on your shoulders but again, a well made one will do a decent job staying in place when you test that theory. So, bottom line: it seems to me they are padding the shoulder part of the straps to compensate for a badly made bra that has to be supported solely by you and your shoulders.  Meanwhile, there you are with ew-glee wide straps showing through the neckline of your lower and wider necked tops. 
 And Vlad the Impaler lives again, with underwire.  Man, the uncanny accuracy of placing said underwiring right exactly where it will poke painfully into your underarm is amazing.  How do they do it?  There must be a school the designers attend.  Ba*i has one out with just a side underwire with a slant so that it does not poke anywhere.  Not bad AND it adjusts in the front and no, they aren’t paying me.  I pay them instead for a well made garment.
It is a fabulous  sunny day and supposed to get to 64 degrees today.  I am headed out at 1300 to find a landmark for Jim’s contest.  I have two places in mind. But I’m going with someone and that will make the afternoon even better.
I will be headed over the mountains nest weekend  IF it does not snow here, there or in Charlotte.  Here is something we will go and see while I am there. One of my good friends said she will cat sit for me while I am gone.  I wish said Catt would be good about her pet carrier and just come along.
Thought my iPod died an unseemly death yesterday while out in the 28 degree weather.  It froze, just like the weather.  Not really,  It just stopped working while playing a song and would not respond to any menu options nor would it turn off.  I let it run down, (no choice really) recharged it and just fired it up.  Whew.  Working again.
Peace and long life.