Several of the blog family wrote some memories for us today.  I enjoyed reading them.  I always love things like that.  They are fun and upbeat generally and bring a smile as we envision our blog friends as kids again.
I have one too along the first crush thing.  So embarrassing for me too,.  We used to come back home to Roanoke as often as possible, my Dad and brothers and me.  We generally got there in the middle of the night going on Saturday morning as Dad could not leave until he got home from work.  So, after being up all day he drove through the night and eventually we got there.  We would enjoy Saturday with my grandmother, Dad’s mom and my Aunt Eugie and Uncle Harold.  Sunday rolled around and no matter what, we kids headed off to church with the neighbor children, some of which were likely close to teens or were.  I was "in love" at the age of 9 with the boy in that family and did all I could to draw attention to myself. 
Occasionally after we walked back from church (Belmont Baptist, I will tell you here) I would inveigle my way into their house before we had to leave to go back home ourselves, simply to see that boy (whose name escapes me). 
If he paid any attention to me at all…and he did a few times, I had these embarrassing gurgle sounds happen in my throat.  Oh it was so awful.  It was sheer happy nerves.  I could be just thing you know I would be gurgling if he paid any attention to me.  Thank goodness I got over that after a year or so.  Good grief. 
I and someone else went to another town near to mine, to take those pictures yesterday for the 365 context.  In trying to show me the back of a home in a subdivision we went to first,, the car we were in (I was a passenger) hit one of those tall blocky solid brick mailbox post things.  They are sturdy enough to be a house themselves for pity sakes.  Destroyed the right rear quarter panel of my friend’s vehicle, but the mail box was unscathed.  It’s not good to back up 15 or so mph and use the rear view mirror it seems.  Poor car.
AH!  The dryer buzzer.  Hasta La Vista!