I appreciate the concern from several of you but that wasn’t my car (thank goodness) that backed up into a brick fortress as I was a passenger.

Miss Catt is extremely lively this morning running everywhere and playing with me and her toys, although fatigue has caught up with her and she is Z’d out somewhere.  Not on my bed for once. Man, I have had the worst time keeping the fur mopped up (despite daily brushing) off my bed as she has been in it so much.  I have gone back to the never fail method of removing pet hair.  Lint rollers are OK for some things and even get some pet hair up but an ordinary kitchen latex glove that you would use to do dishes…that is the  best pet hair remover there is.  Put the glove on your hand and rub over the fur on  fabric surfaces with a DRY latex kitchen glove, and save yourself a lot of money by not buying rollers and other scraping gadgets.  One swipe across anything fabric with pet hair on it and you’ll see what I mean. 

It was totally gorgeous out there yesterday and 70 degrees here with sun all day.  Today is partly cloudy, but the temperature is supposed to be 74.  This won’t last as it’s an anomaly, but oh, how wonderful while it does last.  Two more months before I can set out hummingbird food again. 

I have enjoyed the memories the blog family have put there for us these past several days.  I told one of them that I wish we had a memories only site.  I like reading more about our blog family and these tender memories are usually good for a smile and sometimes when they are learning to grow up things..good for a laugh at yourself and yes, the blog family. 

My Valentine memory is Stewart B.  He has a thing for me and I didn’t for him. I didn’t have a thing for anyone then.  We were about 11.  But I changed my mind Valentines day.  Stewart gave me a little red heart shaped box of candy and a pretty valentine.  He was accompanied by his dad to my house early one evening right after supper.  I swooned.  Candy.  A card.  Oh my goodness…how romantic (not that I knew what romance really was then).  My dad and brothers (you remember them don’t you?)( think back to" mean ol’ Tommy P*****k") were not amused but didn’t say anything to poor Stewart.  At least he didn’t roll me down the coal pile the way mean ol’ Tommy P*****k did!!! But Tommy lived to ask me to the 8th grade dance where Stewart kind of faded into the background now that I think of it.  He must have sensed how high maintainence I am.