I was looking at the RSS feed and went to a BBS story on Cadbury Milk Chocolate advertisements. They showed us the newest ad with the two children wiggling their eyebrows to really fast music.  It takes the place of other Cadbury ads which featured a gorilla.  I never had the pleasure of seeing the ads featuring the gorilla.  Perhaps they are just in England but I will tell you, I loved seeing them.  There were several on U Tube featuring the gorilla and in the one that has given me a liberal dose of the ear worm, I heard "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and enjoyed the gorilla’s drum solo. I will be humming that for at least thirty six hours, guaranteed. There is another with the gorilla and he is featured drumming in Phil Collin’s "In the Air Tonight". As there is a copywrite suit against it, the music is not available in the UTube piece.

I went to a vast park this morning that I have not taken you to before.  Wait, yes I did.  That is where I got the Osprey’s who nested atop a tall light fixture.  I did that video for us… I remember now. But this time I stopped in several other places along the very long and winding road.  (another ear worm if you let yourself remember the Beatles).  However I thought to take you there today in the hopes that we could see something different or at least waterfowl or hawks.  The hawks were too high overhead and in constant motion so no luck there.  No waterfowl at all as there is strict enforcement of the edict not to feed the geese and etc. Of course they may belly up to the bank and eat all they want of natural resources but they were "at home" while I was there and  I am sure they were wondering if I had lost my mind out there slogging about looking for them or anyone or any thing worth depicting.  It is very much more of a challenge than I thought it would be to take a picture a day.  One cannot come up easily with 365 separate and distinct categories of types, so there will be repetition.  I threw in the towel last night when I realized I had forgotten to post one the night before and it was close to logging off time.  I took one of the poor cat trying to sleep.  That’s boring to me too, folks. 

I cleaned out the linen closet again yesterday afternoon.  It was in dire need from the plenitude of sheets and pillowcases.  And I fold the bottom sheets terribly which makes even less room in an already crowded closet.  I gave in and rid myself of two sets of faded and really not too nice sheets.  My sheets are the premium kind and these guys were at the bottom all wadded in there.  Since I won’t use them and don’t need them, time to let go.

Bad news for the neighbors next door, one up.  I got their power bill accidentally as the mailman left it along with my own Saturday.  I almost swallowed my tongue when I looked at one of the bills thinking it was mine, and I saw they were going to cut off my power and water due to lack of payment.  I saw a g-normous amount of water consumed and g-normous amounts of kilowatt hours of electricity.  Then, I saw that it wasn’t my bill..it was next door’s.  Mine was the same piddly amount it always is.  And it’s paid automatically each month anyway.  But it sure gave me a start there at first.  I let the mailman take it yesterday so they would not be embarrassed by my having seen their notice of imminent cut off.

So far, unless it rains or snows I will be headed over the mountains this weekend.  My dear friend said she will care for the Queen of the household.  The Boss.  We reciprocate..I help her with hers, she helps me with mine.

I’ve been around to see many of you.