I was walking along minding my own business when out of the blue and all unexpectedly, My innocent foot was attacked.  Deadly claws and paws came out from under the dust ruffle to swat at my foot as I went by.  Hooked by the scimitar-like "thumb" claw, I had to stand there and be nibbled upon!  That meant I had to deploy the first weapon at hand…a red feather tied to a beaded string!  Success.  I drew the little beastie out into the open where the fight would be more fair and balanced.  The winner in this match has yet to be determined. ( you KNOW who it will be. Hint:  not me)

Yesterday when, in a comment someone mentioned an eye looking at the river in the picture I posted.  Indeed there was an eye looking at the scene from the clouds.  The faintest transparency of  the white cat theme showing through in my blog page.  Because of that and other issues, as always, if you click on the picture it will be much brighter and without any faint kitty faces looking through. 

Miss Catt must have been bored through the night as she sounded the alarm several times while it it was still dark o’clock.  I have trained myself away from looking at the clock to see what time it is as that wakes me farther and does no good anyway as I doubt I will win any contest or money for being able to say I was awake at 0314 hrs. 

We are supposed to have very strong thunderstorms today in the State.  There is a high wind advisory out as well which always gives me un-easy feelings as some of you already know, I am surrounded by extremely tall trees.  You may also recall having two cut down last summer and one trimmed significantly.  That is all well and good but there are scores more trees to take their place.  It is beautiful here but scary living here in high winds and electrical storms.  And we have plenty of each.  Thunderstorms in February..even January is just so not right. 

The past three days I have been able to have the front door opened so that Miss Catt can look at her nature "TV" because of the unseasonable warmth in the noon onward part of the day.  73 degrees.  As I said about thunderstorms in January and February, 73 degrees is also so not right. 

I think someone beautiful and creamy colored with shades of soft brown and gray awaits a return engagement.  May the best purrson win.