The Charlotte Symphony Orchestra rocks!  It was worth being there in my nose bleed section for my $30.00 tickets for two hours of great great music.  It is something I will blog about Tuesday maybe.

Meanwhile it was gorgeous and "warm" here when I arrived Friday afternoon and it has been raining since.  MY HAIR!  You KNOW how I am about my hair.  I look frizzy.  I took the camera with me but it was raining so hard and the camera did not want to be out in it nor did my, thus far, no outside pictures. I have a few from inside a consignment store though that I enjoyed and of all things…GASP! Kalinka’s where I got the Russian tea…closed for lack of paying its rent bill.  I told my son that if I could see that cherry tea inside, I would break the window and get it!!!However I didn’t see it..knew they wouldn’t get it for me anyway as I have asked almost a year. 

I have a few things I bought this time.  A beautiful treasure of a tiny dish for treasures, by Lenox.  A clear crystal soap dispenser too, and what else?  Oh, a soap holder that fits on the bathroom tub surround. OH!  And a new wreath for the door when I get home..wildflowers.  And a faux sprouting Hyacinth bulb from wet moss. I have gotten the most realistic plantings that are man made I have ever seen anywhere here in Charlotte at Garden Ridge but most of all The Black Lion.

I have been making my way around to see what on earth you all are doing!  I can get on after everyone in the house is ain’t much.

See you in the morning.  I saw the awfullest wreck on I-40 yeaterday.  That one had to be tragic it was so bad.

See you tomorrow.  Go to bed at a decent time and sleep well.