Good Grief!  Raining again. Beats snow though.
Miss Catt is taking me for granted again after her fervent devotion the past day and a half.  She got up to greet me each time yesterday but other than to ask for breakfast, she hasn’t said a word nor has she come off the bed to socialize.  Matter of fact, I didn’t see her ample body in the bed at all last night.  How soon we revert.
The Russian store in Charlotte that I got my favorite cherry tea (black tea with natural cherry flavor..not too much) is closed,.  I was horrified when I saw the sign on the door.  They apparently failed to pay their rent so the landlord closed the shop.  I told my son that if I had thought to peek into the store front windows and actually saw the tea, I would break in and take it.  However, the likelihood that they have the tea inside is 100% against as they didn’t care enough with our repeated requests, to help us.  The window therefore remained unscathed.  If anyone sees it…Impra brand cherry tea, please tell me where I can get it.  I have visited the web site..Googled myself into oblivion, asked everywhere and no luck as you have all read before.  It is a foreign import so it’s not on the usual American grocery store shelves, just specialty shops.
We also went to the small town of Matthews, located just a few miles out of Charlotte.  A really nice typical small town with all the things that we think of when we think of old fashioned Americana.  I took some pictures of store fronts that were of interest to me as I like anything historical.  Some of the buildings were built in the late 1800’s and were on the Historical register complete with seal.  Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historical Society has a cool emblem so I even took a photograph of that.  I will say too that while walking down a side walk and hearing several roosters crowing (LOVED that!!!  I never ever get to hear that at all any more)  I saw a potted plant that the City maintains along the sidewalk.  Guess who was in the pot?  VIOLETS!  I LOVE violets.  They are my favorite flower ever!  I took their picture and I’ll put it here for you as a reminder of what s to come.  Charlotte and the surrounding area’s weather is generally milder than here, hence they have daffodils already blooming and the Crab-apple trees are in flower already. 
Here is a picture of a dear friend of mine. 
Check you guys here in a minute.  So…what’s up, Doc?