Beautiful day today but not for long.  Snow of some sort expected within 24-36 hours. But I am making the proverbial hay while the sun shines. That means another walk in the woods. Click on the pictures to enlarge and make more bright.

I am looking forward to the coming of Spring when the landscapes won’t be so brown and dead looking…although there is abundant life under all those brown and crisped leaves. It is just waiting on its time.

Looking for something to take a picture of each day is, as I mentioned several times before, challenging.  Nothing escapes your notice.  Not even this little family.

This mama and her baby with their little basket of mice reside in the other bedroom.  I got her from one of the Country type catalogues that come though I have nothing country whatsoever in my home except them.

Toodie has solved the mystery.  The company that exports the tea I so want to find again, is not making that flavor of tea any longer.  Where there had not been a web site for them months ago, now there is one.  I visited and that is a flavor they do not list among the others that they export.  Just as well.  It would be exceedingly hard to get any tea in that manner.  The company is in Sri Lanka.  I would have to probably order like a ton of it.  🙂

This could be me..(which is why I bought it)

Have a great rest of the day. Be kind to one another.