Here it is.  Glorious Saturday and full of sunshine until the snow comes later in the evening.  Supposed to start as rain and turn to snow. Not much accumulation expected.

My picture for the day last night was pitiful, really.  I just posted it directly to the site and not on the blog page.  It was getting later and later and I had nothing so I took a picture of a sign on my room’s door.

I’m glad you guys liked the magnolia.  I finally printed it out.  I may break down and frame it.  I got busy yesterday with friends and cooking and then the oldest got here (still is) for supper and overnight.  Miss Catt was at the door to his room which was shut firmly and looking as though she had lost her best friend.   He had a crock pot supper last night of 2 1/2 pounds of chicken with an Italian spice mix and two cans of stewed tomatoes with a 6 oz. can of tomato paste.  I started it cooking at 0930 and at 1800, the meat literally fell from the bones. (still intact just not on the bone). I had a white rice dish with slivers of veggies to go with it.  Um Um good. I love crock pot cooking.  Saves me a last minute effort.  Nothing fancy for breakfast however.  He was served coffee of course, toast and jelly, scrambled eggs and good bacon.  I will bet you anything that there will be a Frosty in his hand despite the temp in the 20’s before he heads off to K-Town.

The youngest who has photography as a serious hobby is hoping to visit a friends farm in west TN. in a few weekend’s from now as they have ot set up with hides and feeding stations so as to make some picture taking opportunities.  Can’t wait to see what happens there.  He also is headed to NC to the Carolina raptor center where for a fee (already paid) they will allow photographers in to take pictures of the raptors without confinements of any sort other than the area they are in which presumably is a large area with netting or the like.That will be a great picture taking opportunity.  I don’t have a good enough lens to warrant attending.

I am stuffing my face with graham crackers.  I love the things! 

See you later!  Me and the camera are going out later but with the drab appearance of things, not  much to choose from.