My friend Beth Marie included a fun thing to do in her blog this morning.  It looked like fun, so  I hurried over to the Advance Search of Google to see what would happen if I put, in quotes, "Carole needs" to see what  the search would turn up and use the first ten things Google turned up for me under those words "Carole Needs".
Here are mine:
1.  Carole needs to change.
2.  Carole needs to read Machiavelli.
3.  Carole needs a liver 100%.  (wonder what happened to mine?)
4.  Carole needs help.  (is there a theme going on here or what??)
5.  Carole needs Marketing.
6.  Carole needs to factor the polynomial in Fq to determine missing numbers.
7.  Carole needs Charlie to continue her climb of the social ladder.
8.  Carole needs a huge reality check.
9.  Carole accuses Shabman of stealing.
10.  Carole needs a hug.
Man, I can’t say I am crazy about these.
Here is a sky picture from my yard yesterday just after I took a picture of the cold daffodils.