I was passing through the kitchen yesterday to take some recyclable things to the bag and then to the bin.  That is all I had on my wee mind.  I walked smoothly through the kitchen, past the stove and without my permission, my body backed up.  Just like that and on the spot.  I went to the sink and commenced running hot water and some good soap..and started taking the stove apart.  With drip pans soaking I went about the business of raising up the whatever it is..and scoured the flat surfaces.  Then the top again.  Knobs off and soaking..thorough cleaning of the part where the controls are.  Dipped in and scoured the drip pans, rinsed and dried and put the elements back, pans, and so on.  Sparkling. Not to be outdone, I got a step stool so I could reach well, and cleaned the microwave inside and out. Then, the tea kettle again.  I had thoroughly cleaned yesterday in there but I knew the stove needed that. However I had no plans whatever to clean the stove even so.  Looks like my auto-pilot kicked in.

Last week I went thru the linen closet again.  I think it is going to be Spring and this is the cleaning binge some of us go on.  I took everything out of the cabinets in the kitchen, bought shelf "arrangers" and re stacked the canned goods in an ascending (or descending, whatever you will) manner, and that enabled me to get more in there and much more neatly.

The Turner Classic Movie channel is still on in there. I hear lots of Italian in there which means Sophia Loren is in a movie playing right now.  I caught the last hour of a great movie last night before bed.  The 1941 movie about Daniel Webster and ol’ Scratch.  I was struck once again about why these movies are appealing to me.  One, they have content, thought and great acting.  Two, there isn’t the obligatory sex scene or violence scene.  Oh, there is some of each even in the old movies but they were more of suggestions, not "in your face" blatant hard edged things.

I am here when I need to get ready for the treadmill.  I wish one of you would just do it for me. 

OK.  As Paul would and does say, I’m outta here.

PS I also cleaned the fridge!