And the beat goes on.  I have the iPod
at the ready, my bandanna is tied around my forehead for the sweat that
is sure to follow…you know what I am in here avoiding, don’t you? 
That’s right, it’s the treadmill. I have my Eclipse gum in my widdle
mouthy.  I have my favorite shoes standing by on the treadmill and the
weights are lined up in here.  I keep track of each time I do this and
have for three years.  I have a tattered small book in which I write
the date, duration and if it was hard or easy.  That alone is my reward
for getting outside or getting on the treadmill.  And it’s reward
enough believe it or not.  I won’t even move the notebook close to the
edge of the desk as I am not yet entitled to touch the thing since I
have not been on the treadmill yet.  It’s a system that works for me. 
I’ll tell you something however that may be a help to others as well in
that once I put that pedometer on, just hearing the click of it as I
take each step through the house, wherever, is very motivating.  They
say in articles that wearing one does just that…motivates you to do
more and it’s the truth.  I even took a picture of it (the pedometer)
when it was 15,000 steps and posted it here some months ago.

me because as a years long rotational shift worker I am used to eating
supper things in the morning and morning things at supper time aside
from eating the traditional foods at said times.
This morning I decided to have my favorite old stand-by for breakfast. 
Deli cheddar cheese, one slice, on toast with a dab of mayo and plenty
of black pepper.  I am a pepper fiend.  Yum.  That and a cup of my most
excellent coffee was a good start for the day. I like my coffee in a
big cup, about 12 oz. with just a little half and half and one Spenda
or Sweet and Low.  So when I show up over on your porch you can shove
all that across the table at me and say " Here.  Fix your own durn

I am in the tormenting throes of, needing another lens.  Mine is good but it doesn’t "reach" out.  I can’t take pictures of the hawks if I can’t "reach" them. 
I’m a little sad about it.  But, that’s expensive so it’ll have to wait
and it will be a certified used one when I do.  Ain’t made of money, ya

forth and have a great day.  Do something out of your usual routine. 
It’s amazing how that energizes you for the day.  And today is a great
day to "pay it forward" in some manner. 

This is the seal I referred to several blogs back when I returned.  Just to have somethin’ this mornin’.