I am headed to the Salon today.  The treadmill will be waiting for me when I am finished there.  BUT…my title today suggests that if I don’t do the treadmill first thing in the morning (after stalling in here) it won’t get done.  And that is the unfortunate truth.  It’s now or never..hey..another song title..but I am wearing the pedometer and so that will goad me into doing something for pity sakes, surely it will..won’t it?

Today I am going to get a haircut.  I will probably go back to a bob.  I say that many times but when I leave for the Salon (I put a capital S there because they are so expensive, therefore deserving of the capital S) I take my hair down from its knot (I sleep with it up) and it looks positively glorious. Layered so that the red shows from under the blonde highlights like a sunset.  Who can cut that I say to myself. So, I go in and have everything but a cut.  Today I am determined to have it cut, as hot weather will be here before I can finish this sentence and I will regret, just as I always do, a curtain of hot hair that I have to keep up all the time anyway.  (my hair is thick)

I would like to find another salon that I can go to but I look at others and ask where they’ve been so as to help make a choice and so far I have not seen anything particularly outstanding.

I have had the most bizarre dreams these past 3 weeks or so.  I have no idea why.  The cat and some of the blogger’s cats starred in one long lasting one.  Work situations in another..firearms in another…long and detailed dreams. Go figure.

Miss Catt’s allergies are troubling her a lot so I see that I must force the Tasmanian Devil into her carrier again shortly.  I dread it.  It is so traumatic for me and for her.  Food, treats, toys…nothing works.  It’s a fight to the death.  SIGH!

I have to leave in half an hour..may as well put some nicer clothes on.  I already have my face on.  See you soon.