I woke up with my bob in disarray.  No, not a fella..my hair! Though the feller no doubt would also be in disarray. 

You, of course, know what’s waiting in there for me.  I delayed my coffee etc till now and thought to do this before heaving myself up onto the treadmill.  I always feel like a million when I get off of it, so I have no idea what my problem is.  I guess I think that time up there could be spent sitting on my duff reading the papers.

I’ll tell you something.  When I am really on top of the world feeling good,  that is when I am outside toiling up hills and down dales.  Oh I hate doing it as it’s harder but…the air is fresh, the birds are singing..there are plants to take pictures of to bore you, the blog family, with.  (awful grammar there..my goodness) there are possible people to talk to though I hate to stop.

Yesterday I was going down the hill in the car to go to the capital S salon.  I saw a neighbor 3 doors down who has been there it turns out 14 years and I never had the pleasure of meeting them.  So I stopped and introduced myself, got to know her a little bit and got permission to go in her back yard for pictures one day.  What a pleasure to meet her.  I was minutes late for my appointment.  I am one of those people who are annoying early for everything.  I’m never late.  I was yesterday.  This was more important than being a little late (for once..I must be mellowing).
My blog style seems to be talking personally to each of you over a table.  I give you a true and accurate (if not boring) vignette of each day that I write.  A little moment in time.  I just took note of that style for the first time a few moments ago.  I imagine you who are in the family feel you might know me.  Well, you do as well as anyone I work with, have been friends in a more casual sense with.  (again with the awful grammar..ending a sentence with "with"!)

The treadmill did NOT get up and leave..it’s still there..I can sense it.  Sigh.

Oh.  I did get my hair cut indeed as you can tell from my first lines.  I will have to re-learn how to work with it after a while with long hair and never having to do anything but wash it. (it is wavy on its own).  Right now, as I said, it looks like I fought the good fight.  It’ll be worse after the treadmill.

OK.  Toasted cheese is down the hatch and washed by coffee.  See you soon (don’t you dare call me a baboon)