I am stalling of course.  I have my bandanna around my head and everything is ready to go.  Just me… I apparently am not ready to go yet, but I will be. Time is wasting and I need to git ‘er done so I can get on with the rest of my day. But first a word from these sponsors.

The title implies pain and my right shoulder joint has had some in the past two days.  I took some Tylenol last night before bed.  That doesn’t usually happen that I take pain reliever at night, but I needed to get that pain abated somewhat so I wouldn’t focus on it.  I used heavier weights for my arms yesterday than I should have.  They had become a little out of shape as I skipped doing them for three weeks.  Who is paying the price for that?  Me of course.  After the treadmill I will still use the weights but I will back down a few pounds.  No one is here so my ego will not suffer.  (it will, but only I will know)  It will only be a few days to work my way back up again.

It is supposed to rain hard this afternoon (it is raining now) and turn to snow with about 2 inches or so accumulation through the night and who knows about tomorrow.  However, the weather will rapidly warm again to seasonable temperatures by Monday.  Hey..it’s almost March!!!

I don’t care for my hair being this short and I will let it grow out about 4 inches.  My hair grows so fast and is reasonably thick..it won’t take a lot of time to grow it out some.  I think I have mentioned  before in the blog that hairdressers have always asked what I eat (seriously, they all have asked me that) as it seemed to them my hair grows so fast.  I tell them I owe it all to veggies.  Really, no idea why it grows this way.  On the back of my head, they call it my ‘fur’ as it takes awhile to dry it.  One of my sons, the one over the mountain also has hair as thick as a carpet on top of his head.  THICK hair if there ever was any!

I have Miss Catt’s carrier out for her to see and Monday I will see if I can get her in it so as to get her allergy shot.  She is such an itchy girl.l

These are azaleas (mine) in the making.  Leaves have started..they are good to go and so am I.  Treadmill, here I come.