I decided to combine blog and picture today.  I know that the picture isn’t exciting to see either because of technique (or lack thereof) or topic but it sure is important to the Boss around here.  It signifies that a trip to the Vet is imminent and that isn’t fun to think of, she told me, after what happened to her the last time what with the anal gland problem, the fever and the little surgery she had to endure.  No idea who hates this more..me or her.  I hate the hollerin’ and cussin’ she does while she is in that carroer.  She, on the other hand, hates the necessity to holler and cuss.

Here she is, not ten minutes ago washing her petticoat, grooming her nails and saying this matters not one whit to her.  HA!  Just wait till I scoop her up (hopefully sleepy on my bed so she’s too drowsy to know what’s coming) and dunk her into the yawning maw of the carrier.  The sounds issuing forth here, in the car and there will be worthy of a titan.  SIGH. But all she needs besides a manicure (I am not allowed to do the back claws) is her allergy shot.  Man, I wish there was such a thing as a magic wand to wave over her to allay all those anxieties.  People with dogs are lucky that way.  They don’t have a problem getting them into the car etc.  They usually don’t have to do the carrier thing unless the dog is sick, I am guessing.

By the way, I used to have a dog.  Jack.  Raised him from a weanling.  A red hunting dog.  He had hair almost the color of mine.  Brown tips on his ears though.  I had to leave him when I got married as Dad sounded so sad when he said "I guess you’re taking Jack with you".  My new husband was a cat person so I said no, he would be staying.  Not 3 months later Jack got hit by a vehicle and killed.  Liked to have done me and Dad in.  That was horrible.  I have no regret leaving him as dad would have missed him terribly.  You can’t stop accidents unless they stay in the house all the time and Jack was too big for that and not reared for that. 

Here is the boss with her see if *I* care cattitude right next to the carrier she knows she will be in, any time now.