And that title doesn’t have to do with a date in the past, but instead, last night.  Traditionally I have had off and on problems with tendinitis.  These past several days make up one of hundreds of those days that have occurred with regularity for years. Had I not used heavier weights for my arms, "throwbacks" for triceps, I would not have had this particular episode.  I had not done arm exercises for about three weeks but continued on as usual.  Well, not being 17 any longer even if I feel like 17 otherwise..I strained the tendons in my right arm, hence..a toothache -like pain in the right shoulder joint.  My fault, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less.  Another member of the blog family knows exactly what I am talking about as she went through pain like that and more for another reason.  So, I had a lame arm to all intents and purposes all day yesterday and last night at 0100 I gave up and rose to take some more Tylenol.  No, it didn’t really help but I felt I had done something.  I laid on my left side all the rest of the time in bed without moving so as not to disturb my right side,  This too will pass.  I have gone the cortisone shots and I would rather not if I can avoid it.  He dislocated my shoulder to get the cortisone in.  Not pleasant. BUT the end result was quite a few years without pain.

Of course I am in here stalling again.  At least the sun us shining even if it is 19 degrees.  I will go on the treadmill in a minute.  It is situated right by the large window so I get to enjoy the sun anyway.  Yesterday it was cold, raining, and the wind was enough to blow the fur right off of you, giving a windchill factor of in the 20’s. 

Good thing I made it over the mountains when I did.  It has snowed every time since then.  Apparently Charlotte got quite a snowfall last night.  I am subscribed to one of their TV weather thingies and it has not come in via email yet today that I am aware of.  I am curious how much snow they got and if my boy got to work.

I have a person in my life here that is a puzzle.  Sometimes you offend someone and you haven’t any idea that you did so because they won’t tell you.  I think all of us are, unfortunately, that way to some extent.  However, that doesn’t give a friend a chance to explain themselves if needed.  Maybe things are not what they seem but "you" have taken some sort of offense and the friend you are disappointed in isn’t given another chance.  That’s a thing that happens too often  it seems in our day-to-day lives.  Recently, I had one say things to me that left me totally baffled as to why they came to the conclusions they did.  Just like the trait I am complaining about, I myself did not say that I didn’t understand to the person in an  attempt to clear it up.  Nor did they attempt to clear it up.  I am still mystified as to what I did..I will never find out I guess, but the friendship seems injured.  I offer this in case there are "repairs" that you can think of that need doing in your own lives. I’m fine..I’m just sayin’ what a shame it is that we are not as open with those who count with us as we should be, myself included.

Meanwhile..nothing getting done sitting here.  You-know-what is waiting in there..basking in the sun without me. No, not the cat.  She’s in my bed.