Yuppers, I was pulling your leg. Fabulcious guessed.  The  bath scrubbie wasn’t for me but for my grandchild.  I saw him on sale in a grocery store of all things and decided I would buy him and set him aside for the next visit.  I use the standard B&BW large puff that they charge half an arm for (too much!).  I have 4, each for a different scented body wash. 

Of course I am in here when I should be somewhere else..but that will be next on the agenda.  The weights won’t be used for awhile yet.  I may have to re-think throw backs for triceps. 

I can’t wait for my hair to grow some.  Not liking the back of it at all.

Wonder if anyone wants to help me on this?  As all of you could see as we have gone along blogging, I have been able to post graphics to your guestbooks.  Then, early December when things were changed..I was told I could paste things in.  I managed to do that a few times.  Now, for whatever reason, I can’t paste anything anywhere.  I know it’s "operator trouble" meaning ME..but I can’t seem to make it work.  Any thoughts? (besides "how dumb is that!?"

Nothing whatever to say aside from my asking for assistance on the graphics thing.  I threw the Boss another new striped candy bar as it’s called in the catalog.  It’s a candy striped bar shaped catnip filled little stick. That company’s catnip is the best there is.  She’s so funny rolling around with it.  She’ll have weeks of catnip fun out of that.  They are fairly expensive and the S&H blows my doors off but she’s worth it.

OK.  The machine is waiting and I will feel all the better for just getting in there and thinking Nike commercial, "just do it"!

This is our day today.