I really wish I had posted one of the other pictures of the pig mobile for my picture of the day as I think that one in particular is better.  Must not have thought so yesterday afternoon though as I was going through them.

Today I am having lunch out so I had a meager bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. Good too..I must remember to do that more often as I was doing so regularly a year or so ago.  I used to call it having my gruel.

I have an old old household item that belonged to my father that I will use for today’s picture.  I hope you like it, those who enjoy old things. Speaking of that, I think my son over the mountains is definitely contemplating buying a bedroom suite from the consignment shop I showed you in pictures, and that I have mentioned several times.  It’s a real wood suite..not the pressed wood/veneer, etc.  Dresser, bureau, night table, head and foot boards etc. Dark wood rather walnut looking I think he said.  He’ll put his furniture that he is presently using into the spare room where I and anyone else visiting, stay.

There is a website called Pricespider.com and another wishradar.com that will hunt on-line for items you want at the most you’re willing to pay.  So create your list and what is the most you’ll spend for them..voila!  Don’t forget Gasbuddy.com and  gaspricewatch.com for cheapest gas.  Put in your destination too, for the cheapest place to fill up.  These are not links you can access from here.  You’ll need to fill in the www etc. 

Hope it is a good day for you all.    Here is a slightly different angle to the pig mobile pic.