This beauty who is smiling at me here, and who is graced with one blue and one yellow-green eye is a boy called Bisquick.  He along with two  adopted just as he is, brothers lives in the Feedstore here in town.  I was there getting sunflower hearts for my outside birds and a bag of Science Diet for my girlie here.  (You remember what happened yesterday). The bag I bought was half off because Tough Guy, another brother to Bisquick and Simba, had tried to get into the new bag on the shelves and so the bag was liberally pierced with his little needle sharp fang marks.  So, I made out like a bandit.  I don’t mind the bag being pierced like that.  Those cats are well known to me and never leave the store.  Nothing to be concerned about for Madame President here.

I would have composed and framed this picture better but I could not.  Bisquick was ready to move any second and I took what I could.  So, the background is the store and part of his glorious tail is truncated.  But oh well.  As always, click on the picture for a more true color.