I have rarely had as much fun with laughing to bring tears to my eyes as I had yesterday at lunch. I love to laugh anyway, but usually in every day living you don’t get those deep down all the way through you laughs.  Yesterday at lunch, I did.  Made the rest of my day.  I needed that some when I got annoyed at the pet food store. 

I had remembered and  saved 10 proofs of purchase from Science Diet cat food for Madame President here.  I brought them into the store as I needed a bag.  I handed the clerk the envelope they had given me, and I asked what size bag I was allowed to have.  She told me, and so I went to get it.  To make a long story shorter, when I arrived  back at the checkout, then they told me that sales slips would also be required.  Well, no one told meeeeee! I asked if they were kidding me as they know me and I have bought all of her food right there.  They assured me they weren’t kidding and asked if I had the slips..I said "of course not". I mean, it took a year to collect those.  One small cat…big bag of food lasts a while. I saw they weren’t going to let me have the food and that the rules, if there had been any, were changed with no notice as that is not what it said on the envelope.  So..I left them with the food and the cut-out proofs of purchase  on the counter while I left the store with two words wafting over my right shoulder as I exited.  No, not those.  I said " That’s crappy" and left.  I wish I had not said anyrthing at all.  It was totally un-necessary.  Just leaving that stuff was more than sufficient and I have better manners usually.  I recovered my great mood after a mile on the road  going home.  I knew I had the rest of that sparkling beautiful afternoon left, and a pleasant evening ahead..the memory of the laughter and good friends.  No use letting that color the rest of my day or what had already been a great day.  It’s just 20 something dollars and me’n’her’ll live with a bag of food from somewhere else.

Thank you for the comments of the baby cup.  I have one more antique that my grandparents gave my parents and there is only one of a set left that I was given.  I’ll line it up later.

Busy tomorrow.  Lunch..then the oldest.  You-know-what is in there waiting and I’m not dressed yet. I’d better get going. 

They forgot to haul in the moon the day before yesterday. Gosh, do I have to do everything??