Today is the day Miss Cat goes to the Vet.  IF she doesn’t outsmart me that is.  If she gets under a bed, it’s all over.  Right now she is napping on my bed, her head on my pillow.  As with the last time, I will have the car doors opened, the kitchen door open, (not the screen door) my coat on (even if it’s hot out, that is a necessity against accidental scratching) and much trepidation in my heart.  I don’t call her the Tasmanian Devil for nothing.  No, she’s not terrible, but she sprouts multiple arms and legs and they are all out at right angles to her body making it difficult to lower her into the carrier.  And the vocalizations are horrible.  You might think I was filleting her for my supper or something.

I am concerned because she is parked next to her water bowl.  If she had not had a great blood chemistry two months ago I would be more concerned than I am.  But she can’t have developed renal disease that bad, that fast.  I lost one about 8 months before I got Miss Catt, due to renal disease and I know the symptoms.  She’s playful and gallops thru the house..that’s good.  We will see.

Meanwhile, thank you so much for looking at my Bisquick photo yesterday and those of you who looked at my cloud pictures in a separate album, I thank you.  Clouds are my favorite thing to see and take pictures of as you are aware of by now.

I had better get my game face on…it won’t be long before I swoop in and scoop her up I hope and get her down to the Vet’s office.