I scooped up Miss Catt as she dozed all unknowingly, and carried her warm self to the carrier.  There she sprouted the multiple arms and legs and I…we…had a struggle.  For me, I turn the carrier on its end..door side up.  It is easier to lower her in than to try to stuff her in through the door as it sits level on the floor.

He did a urinalysis this time as her blood profile was excellent before, and after her examination, he saw nothing wrong. But her parking by the water bowl was not a good sign.  Her blood sugar was excellent..no temp this time though he suspects a cyclical one as she does the water thing periodically. And he determined that she may have had (since no urinalysis test had been done  before) a urinary tract infection as she did have a fever then.  The antibiotics knocked out most but not all..so me lady is still suffering with the lingerings.  All this info is for the benefit of others with cats.

She had another allergy shot..an antibiotic and I have to try to give some to her for a week, here at the house.  I will try to trick her with a little tuna juice.

The oldest is home.  Last night he had HOT chili, and corn bread too.  Fried apples (it’s a Southern thing..don’t you northerners worry ’bout it) and that held him well.  I am making fried potatoes and onion now for him..biscuits are ready for the oven, bacon is cooked and the eggs are at the ready.  Coffee is made..just waiting on him to get up. 

His hobby is Ham radio so we listened to the 2 meter band on his portable unit last night.  I love it.  I need to get on the ball and get my own license.  One of my good friends and her husband had planned on going to the Ham fest in Georgia last weekend.  Good thing they didn’t as it snowed as many of us remember.  Here is an example of what happens at a Ham fest.  By the way..this is in NO way like CB radio. This is a whole different deal with a lot of learning going into it about and tests.

I don’t hear any snoring…could that mean???  I may need to finish his breakfast.

Guys, have a great Saturday…don’t forget to Spring forward tonight when you hit the hay.

Here is info about Bisquick’s different eye colors.