It has been a good week.  I had lunch with a was my treat for her birthday and she decided on the China palace which is located on the river by the marina.  I saw my gentleman Muskovi duck.  He apparently does not have a lady to keep him company unless I just don’t see her. It would not hurt for me to Google what female Muskovi ducks look like.  She may have been there in plain view all this time.  I just did and I don’t think I have seen a female.  But next time I go I will stay longer to see if he has a companion.  I do wonder at his having been there for months now.  But as I mentioned before, he is so much a non pushy mannerly gentleman. 

Miss Catt, while well I assume, is still not quite herself.  She isn’t sleeping on my bed and I assume that is because I took her from it and stuffed her in the carrier.  So the thought of being there and defenseless isn’t very appealing.  I have not been able to get her antibiotic down her so far.  She spurned my efforts yesterday. I bought sardines in oil (P.U!!) and put a small amount of the oil in the saucer, mashed a oiny bit of sardine, added the go.  I will get her some tuna today for the juice and see what happens.  She is buying herself another trip to the vet this way though.

Mostly cloudy day out there but the temps are supposed to be in the low 70’s.  We had an hour of sun yesterday.  Better than none I suppose.

I have to get at it this morning..spending time here isn’t getting what needs to be done, done.  So, see you over at your house. 

This is the gentleman I referred to.