Oh!  My legs.  I have just returned from weeding the upper flower bed.  The bulbs are coming up in there and they were choked out by weeds almost.  Some pansies are still flourishing but the wild  grasses are in there and taking over.  I did the treadmill thing and then went up there with my gardening fork and scoop and the old bin from the old recycle program.  It’s full!  And my legs..on the insides are wibbily wopbbily for just now.  I was doing the duck walk all around the flower bed and every few waddles I had to stop and pull and dig.  Made my way around like that all the way.  When I stood..for once it wasn’t my back..it was my inner legs.  They are better already as they just had to get used to the squatting i was doing for so long.
Now this was once since I had my hair cut that I’m glad I did.  Nothing swinging into my face and clouding my vision or hanging down my back like a hot curtain.  I did put one each clip on either side however against any part of my hair do that may have decided to show me I will never get over the hair in the face routine.
I had a blog in here but deleted it.  It was about Dancing With the Stars tonight.  You’ll have to watch with me..otherwise who will I complain to???
I will be making uo the cat’s dose of oral meds in a few minutes if she is finished sleeping for awhile,  She always takes a long leisurely nap after exhausting herself sleeping all night.  .  I saved the tips I got for pill type meds in a little file I have on her.  This time she has oral meds which are also hard to get down if they don’t want to do it.  I tricked her into some yesterday with tuna juice.  I pitched the sardines as a no-go.
Other than that..this is going to be a sunny 74 degree day and man, I am going to make something out of that.  Wish we could all go.  Hey, this summer I want to take my passport that the National Parks give you,and get more stamps in it.  Wanna go?  If the gas prices don’t rise too much, I’ll do the drivin’. 
Go pay it forward today…