Yes indeed, DWTS.  The ones who need to go, even if I like them as far as personality is concerned, in my opinion are:  Steve Wozniak, (Jewel’s husband) Ty, Melinda Carlisle, Steve O, and Lawrence Taylor. Close to that are are Wicks and Grier. The better ones were Shawn Johnson of course, Marina, the one paired with Cheryl Burke, Denise Richards, Holly Madison and Melissa from the Bachelor. "Little" Kim  too I guess.  One thing for certain, Bruno’s cutting remarks were not called for and took away from the pleasure of watching the show.  I disliked that a LOT.  Just say they didn’t do well and why.  Don’t insult. Ty, the coyboy was just doing them a favor really and Bruno cut him to ribbons.  He criticized all of them unkindly that he didn’t particularly care for. Not good.

Yesterday was just a halcyon day.  I started with the treadmill, went to the weeding of the upper flower bed (no pics yet, very few pansies left and the tulips aren’t blooming..just blades coming up from the ground), on to the arboretum, then around the high ridges in town, then out on my deck in the hot sun under the market umbrella to read the papers at last and have a small supper.  The only fly in the ointment digital phone service is, for the fourth time, cutting in and out.  WHY oh why does it always pick a time to do that it seems, when I am making a professional phone call.  They think I have hung up on them.  SIGH. The technicians have said the trouble is outside.  Then FIX it for pete sakes.

It may be record breaking temps today,  79  or 80.  It’s overcast so though they have said that, I doubt it.  But normal seasonably cold weather will be returning within 36 hrs or so.

There is yet another sick girl goldfinch out there.  I have hundreds so it’s not really a surprise that the delicate little girls sometimes get sick but it pains me to see.  I went out to fill the feeder (like every 36 hrs.) and she was on the far siade of it, puffed a little and eating.  because she was eating, I stood quietly for a moment and left until she was finished.  Thank goodness she was able to leave on her own as when I checked again, she was gone.

Well, the guy just see you later and let me know what you thought about the show if you bothered with it.